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  Picnic Fun!

Each family is asked to donate 2 cakes or pies for the Suday Dinner on Sunday.  Please drop off at the Cafeteria on Sunday morning! 

Friday, July 13 *7PM - 11PM  

7PM Monsignor Callahan kicks off picnic with prayer; rides and games open

*Food Booths, Mexican Cantina open at 6PM

 Armband and Game ticket pick up begins at 6PM

7:30 Last Gnome Standing Performs on main stage

Saturday, July 14th  --  2PM - 11PM

Food Booths, Barbecue, Rides open

7:00 PM - Fat Pocket Performs on the Main Stage

Sunday, July 15th  --  noon - 6PM

See picnic schedule link on right for complete list of weekend events!


Picnic Mission:  

The St. Joseph’s Parish Picnic is a parish-unifying event which promotes Christian fellowship and service.  As faith-filled stewards, we offer our time and talent to create an environment of enjoyment, camaraderie and safety throughout the parish picnic.  The parish picnic also offers an important opportunity to evangelize---that is, to give witness to the beliefs and the gospel values we deeply cherish.  Thus, we strive to become Christ-like role models to all, but most especially to our children.

As our largest “fun”draiser, the parish picnic often proves to be a financial success.  Consequently, our picnic is able to assist St. Joseph Parish in continuing to do the “work of the Lord.”

St. Joseph, patron saint of families and working people, please protect us.